Poem - I Belong To The Night

    I Belong To The Night
Written By Margeaux Wex

Gazing into a saffron sunset as darkness begins to fall—
A serendipitous affection awakens within me,
perceiving the creature calls.
Scratching, squeaking, fluttering—
Their blossoming cries before me, the screeching inside the walls.
My curiosity a wondering, as the black angel falls.
One after the other, into the sky and flying—
Gliding, twisting, diving.
Swooping and plucking their prey, consuming the night—
Seraphs at play, a splendiferous sight.
Moonstruck, by the elegance, of it all.
This sentiment entrances me, takes me, possesses me, and I give in to its call.
Sanguinolent wings encapsulate my being—
Taking me prisoner into a villainous thrall.
Fangs plunging, blood flowing is what I am seeing—
Legs quivering, releasing me into a fall.
The tranquility of death is upon me, and finally, I am free from it all.
But the delicious poison, it crawls inside me—
Convicts me—
And, I taste, I crave, and I desire it all.
I have been captured, enchanted—
I have been spellbound by one quaint and curious bite—
I belong to a monster, a devil, a vampire—
I belong to the night.

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  • Thomas Tobie

    Beautiful, friend! Have you heard of the anthology ‘The Vampire In Verse’, edited by Steven Moore? It’s a wonderful compilation of vampire poetry from the eighteenth century up to the 1980s.

  • Russell wendes

    I love everything about this, puts the dracula movie in my mind, love the pace of the poem. Beautiful work!

  • Erik Griffon

    That is a beautiful painting. The bat has piercing eyes, that seem to look into your soul.
    Wonderful poem, that feels like a vivid creepy dream, that you can’t escape. I love the way the poem describes the desire to change, and be both enchanted and cursed, at the same time.

  • Samantha Matteson

    I absolutely love this poem! I love bats and I love vampires! 🧛‍♂️ What an awesome journey with words! Can’t wait to read more!

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