About Margeaux

Southeast United States based artist, Margeaux Wex, has been specializing in unique, hand painted acrylic works of art on canvas since 2017.

Seemingly born as an artist, and working with multiple mediums in her early years, she set aside her paint brushes for several years to concentrate on family responsibilities. Margeaux has since reinvigorated her artistic passions, and she is focused on creating vivid, colorful and brilliant works of acrylic art on canvas.

Painting subjects as only she sees them, in a style that can be compared to abstract impressionism, she then digitizes her original canvas creations and expands upon her talents by blending them with photography and other imagery to ultimately create even more unique high-quality printed art.

Influenced by pop culture of yesterday and today, along with comedy, music, cinema, goth, horror, and the mere beauty of imperfection, Margeaux hopes to invoke colorfulness, laughter, happiness, and even thoughtful dialogue and social debate, via her creations.

When asked why she loves to paint, Margeaux’s humble reply is, “I just love to bring more color into the world”.


See My Work In Person:

Canvas & Cork Gallery in Dahlonega, GA


Dahlonega Arts Alliance in Dahlonega, GA