The Fairy Maiden and the Squidmanatee

The Fairy Maiden and the Squidmanatee

Adorned in white with emerald shimmers glistening in the sun, The fairy maiden danced, forever beautiful, elegant, and young.

When upon her came an introduction to a creature so vast, so disgustingly greasy, smelly, and crass.

Though crass with the rest, with her, his nature was attentive and beguiling. 

His words were often lovely, and complimentary, and left her smiling.

“Who is this vast creature, and why does he want me?”

She thought to herself, maybe, just maybe, He’s not so crass, disgusting, or smelly.

Maybe she could live with him on the shore by the sea, though it was filthy, stinky, and full of rotting skeletons, and debris.

She cast out the rotting skeletons, and all that was stinky, and all the debris, and thought to herself, maybe, just maybe, we could be happy.

She cared for him daily, she washed him, she loved him, and she fed him creatures of the sea. 

But, no love, no deed, no creature of the sea was ever enough for the Squidmanatee.

His curses and screeching could be heard from afar, and it wasn’t long before his charms had departed, his love long forgotten, and he was ready to devour.

His cravings were endless, and his demands were deviant. He wanted more than to love her, he wanted her obedience.

A formidable existence awaited the Fairy Maiden if she didn’t escape, and run far away, to a better world and a better day.

So, she picked up her things and ran as fast as she could to a greater life filled with serenity and good.

And while the pain was intense, and she escaped her abuser, she needed time to recover, and things that might amuse her.

So, she drew a silly picture, and she wrote a funny poem, about the Squidmanatee and his wretched home.

Here lies the poem of the Fairy Maiden…

Ode To The Squidmanatee

The Wizard did so stand at the nightly shore.

To beckon the thing from the deep once more.

And so, he doth throw his arms out wide, To call forth from both the wind and tide.

An ancient beast from the frothy sea, A name known to frighten; called the Great Squidmanatee.

The sea did bubble, and boil, and churn.

As it slowly rose from the deep, soon to return.

Again, the Wizard cried out with his breath, To awaken the thing that has caused so much death.

With a gusty wind, his robes did fly.

And out from the sand, sprouted a bearded, naked, homeless guy.

It lay on the beach, a sickly writhing thing.

The Wizard picked it up and into the depths, he did fling.

As some food for thought of the horror to come, For the best meal, for the Squidmanatee is a grizzly bum.

After hours of waiting, the Wizard grew mad. He flung off his robe, and naked he would stand.

Now more tempted, the Squidmanatee swam near.

To the Wizard, this was his only great fear.

He cried and he cried as the thing slithered close.

Crunching sounds came from its belly, like toast.

It gobbled the Wizard with a hunger from yore.

Then it yacked out his beard like a furball, swollen and sore.

From below the rafters of the Squidmanatee’s belt, You could hear faint sounds of a whispered: “Seek Help!”.

It bounded and slithered and rocked side to side.

And, after years of spawning hellish offspring, it died.

Its body still lies on the shore rotting, you see.

And the grotesque offspring one day, may come after you and or me.

My final words are to you, I implore… Never go near the Squidmanatee shore.


Ask Yourself…

Have you ever been in a long relationship with someone who said and did things that were so insulting and abusive to you that it nearly destroyed your self-confidence?

Have you ever felt the need to vent your feelings to others without necessarily calling out your abuser, or creating a spectacle?

Have you ever just wanted to spill your emotions without creating problems for people or unnecessary drama?

We all cope in different ways. Sometimes, it’s a talk with a friend. Sometimes, we see a therapist. Sometimes, we push it deep within ourselves until we finally explode. And, sometimes, we draw a silly picture and write a funny poem.

Regardless of how we choose to deal with troubling times, one thing is for certain, we are all forced to deal with it in one way or another.

The Moral of the Story… 

Art is therapy. 

Some of the most brilliant and inspirational paintings, writings, music, and other forms of art have been created from pain.

It’s a way to engage with others, spill your emotions, and bridge the gap between just existing and recovery. It’s the distraction we all need from the crazy in our lives. It allows us to conceive what has never been created or provides another way of seeing things altogether. It’s what gives us purpose when we don’t feel we have any, and it sometimes provides amusement and comedy to otherwise difficult situations.

Every time you see a painting or sculpture, read a book or article, listen to a piece of music, read a poem, or engage in any other art form, ask yourself…

What was this person thinking when they created this? What were they going through?

When you engage with an artist’s work, you are connecting to a part of their soul. You are a part of the inner workings of their mind, and the mystery of their thoughts, and when you take their work seriously, you are truly engaging with another human being.

When you become an artist, you are allowing others to engage with you in the same way.

This is how true connections are built.

If you are not painting, sculpting, creating music, or building something, I encourage you to get started today.

Work on discovering who you are, what lights you up, and what distracts you from the crazy. Design something that hasn’t been done before or provide a new way of seeing things altogether. Create something that brings laughter and amusement to your life, or maybe even do something as simple as drawing a silly picture and writing a funny poem.


The Fairy Maiden and the Squidmanatee – Written by Margeaux Wex

Ode to the Squidmanatee – Written by Lillith Mourning

Funny Art Drawing of the Squidmanatee – Created by Lillith Mourning

Summary – Written by Margeaux Wex

Thank you for stopping by. 😊 Be sure to share with your friends and leave me a comment below. I love hearing from my readers.

All The Best, Margeaux Wex ❤️  

Disclaimer: In no way am I suggesting that a person with serious mental health issues should not seek help from a professional or that creating art is a cure for said mental issues. In fact, if you are seriously struggling, I highly recommend you do in fact seek help from a doctor and professional therapist.


  • Russell Wendes

    I think this is a great collaboration, touches the subject in a brilliant way of escapism. I think anyone dealing with the issues it raises would find benefit and seek comfort in these words. Both beautifully written and emotional. Love it

  • Linda Swindell

    I enjoyed this piece of art. It flowed very well. Was easy to get involved. I agree w the summary. Both of u make good collaborative work. Hope to see .ore in the future. 😊😊😊

  • Erik Griffon

    I really loved it ! You both did some awesome work on this. It was definitely a fun read, with really cool artwork, while still being an important message about a serious subject. I hope the two of you do some more collaborations like this in the future.

  • Miranda Carson

    A very fun read! I really enjoyed the poetry and the moral of the story at the end.

  • Samantha Matteson

    Thanks for the collaboration. It turned out so well. Sometimes the horror caused by others can morph inside the one who it was brought down upon into art and that can help mentally in so many ways. You are awesome. Keep up the good work.

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